Uses, Décor & Display

Quilt sizes and shapes are as varied as their color and design. This means that there is no limited to their uses, the décor possibilities and creative ways to display them.


  • Baby quilts are popular items. Use like any blanket; in a crib, on the floor/ground, for warmth over a car seat, warmth and cuddling
  • On any bed for sleeping under
  • Lap quilts/Afghan – warmth while sitting (couches, chairs, wheelchairs)

Wall Hangings

  • Quilts also make great art for hanging.

Holiday Décor

  • On beds, walls, doors, tables

In the Bedroom

  • A square quilt can be used as a blanket topper and adds color and interest in a bedroom.
  • Bed canopy
  • Bed runner
  • Bedroom accent

In the Kitchen/Dining Room

  • Tablecloth
  • Table center piece
  • Table runner
  • Buffet accent

In the Living Room

  • Hide a large screen TV
  • Drape over a couch/loveseat/chair (drape over an old or damaged couch)
  • Cover an unused fireplace opening
  • Make a bookcase ornate

In the Office

  • Hide computer, monitors, printers and/or cables
  • Create message board

In the Hall

  • At the end of a hall
  • Drape/hang on a stair railing


  • On a quilt rack
  • Display in a pie safe
  • Display in a window frame
  • Display on a ladder
  • Antique ladder hung sideways – great for antique quilts
  • In a basket
  • Include in antiques display
  • Small quilts in shadow box frames


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