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2009 Show and Sale Photo Album

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Seen here is the featured quilters' display. The featured quilters this year are a group of ladies from Central Presbyterian Church whose primary mission is to produce banners for the church. The banners are hung to support a sermon topic, enhance a sacrament, such as baptism or to decorate for a season. In addition, they make a quilt to give each child under 1 year as a baptism gift. The group was formed in 1995 with a charge to produce a series of 9 banners. Those banners were made and more added over the years. The banners are changed every week or two depending on the sermon topic, scripture or season. One member is in charge of choosing the most appropriate banner and hanging it.

The process of designing the banners has evolved over time. Originally Linda Budge, a local artist, served as the designer and inspiration for the group. Since then, designers have come from many sources. There is a Pentecost banner based on the design of an 8 year-old boy whose art work graced the cover of a church circular. Other designs are forms of traditional quilt patterns and on of the latest works is a nature theme based on the designs of McKenna Ryan entitled "The Earth is the LORD'S".

One of the banners on display is "Christ Standing at the Door" and has the face of Christ painted on silk. Another was made for Doulos, the youth group at the church and shows the mission trips of the group. 3-D doveThe baptismal banner “Dove Noah” features a 3-demensional dove which was constructed from a model of an actual dove (provided from a member’s husband’s hunting trip). The dove was frozen and retrieved to serve as a model until it began to thaw, then was sent back to the freezer. This process was repeated until the 3-D dove was complete. There is a scrapbook showing all the banners made by this group.

The Faith Sowers meet every Thursday morning at the Central Presbyterian Church and begin each session with a devotional before beginning work. The group is grateful to an anonymous donor that provided the means to construct a storage facility. All banners are rolled on a cylinder and covered with fabric and stored until time to hang them again.